Russia-Ukraine War will end soon! Zelenskyy proposes a formula in the G7 summit…

Russia-Ukraine War

Russia-Ukraine War: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has proposed three steps to “accelerate the restoration of peace” in Ukraine. This information was given by the press service of the Office of the President of Ukraine. Zelenskyy said in his address during the online summit of the Group of Seven (G7) on Monday that the first phase, called “New Force”, envisages increased defense support for Ukraine, including tanks, rocket artillery and long-range missiles. He said , “It will not allow the Russian side to proceed.”

Russia-Ukraine War

Zelenskyy had earlier proposed a pointed plan!

He said that the second phase, called the new “flexibility”, conditions Ukraine’s financial, energy and social stability. That by providing new assistance to Ukraine next year. In the third and final phase, entitled “New Diplomacy”, Ukraine will use diplomacy to bring the liberation of its citizens and territories closer. He suggested holding a global peace formula summit to discuss a 10-point plan proposed by Ukraine last month to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues since 24 February. Russia named it Special Military Operation. The Russian action was widely criticized by Western countries, led by the US. The leaders of the Group of Seven nations met virtually on past Monday to discuss the possibility of applying more tougher sanctions against Russia. Also there was a discussion on regards of more assistance for Ukraine.

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Russia-Ukraine War: Heavy power seize in significant areas!

If we talk about the recent updates regarding the war, there are report claimimg that the recently liberated city of Kherson in southern Ukraine is under the seize of ‘massive fire’. Reports claimed that the significant parts of Ukraine continue to struggle with power shortages after more Russian attacks on energy infrastructure at the weekend. A drone strike on Odesa left 1.5 million people without power.


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